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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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printer and americans heard the sound of freedom, 236 years ago today. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, july 8th, 2012. i'm harris falkner and huckabee starts in three, have a great week. >> tonight on huckabee, congressman allen west with scathing words about the president and his policies. the florida representative explains his controversial comments. plus, ♪ hank williams, jr. and all his rowdy friends are jamming with the governor tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. ♪ . >> mike:. thank you, thank you very much. by the way, we have a great audience tonight. about two-thirds of this bunch, they're all from arkansas, and we're having
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some fun and they can call the hogs and do all sorts of stuff. well, all of you folks from little rock today. [applause]. okay. and it was a pretty special week in our family. because our little grandson chandler celebrated his first birthday this past week and had the first taste of cake and i think he enjoyed wearing it as much as eating it and our granddaughter celebrates her second month this coming week and let me just tell you that the joy of watching them is almost enough to make me forget about all of the nonsense of washington. well, almost. look, after the house of representatives voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress, for failing to honor a subpoena for documents related to the taxpayer funded gun running operation, that resulted in the murder of a u.s. border patrol officer. holder and some members of congress insinuated that the vote was based on holder being
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the first african-american to serve as attorney general. now, this was not a strict partisan vote. 17 democrats joined in the vote for the contempt charge. saying it's about race and know not the fact that your tax dollars and guns were in the hands of the mexican cartel and use today murder 300 mexicans and american law enforcement officer is an insult, not just to brian terry, the murdered officer, but an insult to african-americans everywhere. and look, i grew up in a jim crowe dominated south and i know what racism looks like and i also fought against it my entire adult life, having appointed more people of color to positions in the government than any other governor in my state's history and having received over 48% of the african-american vote, unheard of for a republican, i take a back seat to no one in fighting the evils of bigotry. but it's not just
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disappointing, it's disgusting to hear the attorney general and members of congress hide behind charges of racism instead of answering legitimate questions as to why brian terry is dead and who is responsible for it. it insults the true achievements of african-americans who have accomplished great things, not because they were artificially propped up or by race preferences, but because they were genuinely the best at what they did. now, there is still some racism in this country, i know that, but, that's not the reason eric holder is in trouble. and as condescending and contemptuous to think that a botched operation and resulting lies and coverups is about race. if we don't have the consequence who are supposed to be accountable to the taxpayers, if in fact they're people of color, they shouldn't take the jobs. dr. martin luther king, jr. had a dream and his dream was
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that people would be neither judged nor excused by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. claiming racism because of a bipartisan vote in congress asked for the highest in the nation, an absurd. people are treated with regard to their colors not treated better or worse because of it. when white kids don't get prosecuted to the extent that black kids do for an identical drug crime, that's racism. when we ask the attorney general to follow the law, it's not about his color, it's about his compliance with the law and that's my view. [applause] florida congressman allen west has caused some controversy himself at a campaign stop earlier this week when he spoke about president obama's policies. >> (inaudible) and clooe his sl.
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to be economically defendent on him. >> joining me from florida >> joining me from boyneton beach, florida is congressman allen west. it's always a pleasure to have you on the show, thanks for joining me today. >> mr. huckabee, thanks for having me. >> you heard what i said about the holder vote and you voted along with colleagues in the house to hold him in contempt. i want to ask you not just an a congressman, but as an african-american congressman if it does the not trouble you when people try it use race for an excuse for not complying or following the law and doing their jobs? >> well, it troubles me immensely because as you know, i was born and raised in the inner city of atlanta, georgia in the exact same neighborhood where dr. king was born and raised and my elementary school was across the street
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from ebenezer baptist church and around the corner from his home. when you talk about his dream and being judged by the content of my character and not the color of my scene, it's been totally reversed and it's a slap to us, look at the military where people are judged 0 on their merits and it's truly a meritocracy, no one does not get promoted because you're this color or that. and it's because of incompeten incompetencesy. and we see from not only from the department of justice not just competence, but noncompliance with the subpoena that came from the house of representatives which we do have oversight over the government agencies as part of the separation of powers and checks and balances. and so, it was a very sad day when those individuals walked out of the house of representatives and i would add, that the chairman of the congressional black caucus was voted by saying, once upon a
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time. there was someone else other than president obama sitting in the white house and they would be marching on the white house, that's not how the america that dr. king or even thomas jefferson submitted. >> mike: you stirred up controversy, congressman. >> truth should not be controversial. >> mike: it shouldn't be. what you said was in the context of what you said totally understandable you've taken an enormous amount of heat where you said you thought the president wanted to make us his slaves. explain what you meant by that and why did the media get just so crazy about it? >> well, first of all, the liberal media operates with a duplicitous hipocracy and doesn't want anyone to challenge them. and when they run into an old fella like me, parents who taught him, a man must stand
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for anything. and we have to educate the american people what is happening. when you look at the document that thomas jefferson wrote, it talked about establishing individual sovereignty, rights that come from not man or government of, but from our creator. when you're looking at what's happening at the country it's what is occurring in america, we have 45% increase of food stamps recipients in this country and more americans on the poverty rolls and in the past month, the jobs report more people went on social security disability than jobs were created. my point, we are correcting dmik dependency and i call it slavery. it's a different form, it's not physical, but it can be worse because it trounces the you have entrepreneur spirit in america. we don't see small businesses growing because of tax and regulatory policy. we don't see our small businesses able to get capital
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and access to capital because of such things as the dodd frank, so i think that the purpose of this administration under the quote, unquote, leadership of president obama is to have more people wedded to government by assistance check or government employment check instead of growing the country to live up to the truman dates in jefferson, individual liberty, individual sovereignty and our rights and freedoms. >> mike: i think the reason that people love you, because you're so plain spoke anden probably by the way, the reason some liberals can't stand you. congressman, we're going to continue with you and peel' r we'll talk more with congressman allen west and talk about his controversial comments and what he said, more people filing for disability claims last months than got jobs. our economy is in trouble and we'll talk to congressman west how to get it back on track when we return.
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>> we are back with congressman allen >> we're back with congre congressman allen west. there was a comment in the l.a. times, not that you care what it has to say. this was outrageous and i want to say this is the headlines, l.a. times, america's dirtiest jobs justifying allen west and talking about for the republican national committee chairman to have to try to justify you. what on earth does that mean? and are you insulted that a major american newspaper would try to denigrate you because you were honest with the american people about your stand on dependency? >> yeah, absolutely so.
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and i really feel that, you know, it's demeaning to me to think that i need some individual to justify me and my existence. look, i went through 22 years being in the military. i rose to the ranks of lt. colonel, a bachelors and two masters agree and for the liberals to have a condescending manner to black conservatives that we need to have approval from our quote, unquote, i guess, masters to be able to speak that's where the true racism lies with the right liberals and don't want to see someone such as myself who broke away from their dependency class and possibly contend against them with the policies they're promoting, and destroying the black community. i know i'm their number one target and em boldens me and to heck with them. that somebody needs to approve me and what i stand for. >> mike: you were talking earlier, congressman the fact
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that more people now in poverty, than we've ever had. you know, we go back to the war on poverty in the mid 60's, it was launched and supposed to fix poverty and now we've got more people in poverty. the government is encouraging people if they're not on food stamps to get ton food stamps. i want to play a clip after radio spot that our tax kohl's paid for that encourage people to sign up. listen and i'll get your reaction afterwards. >> can i be eligible if i have a job. >> yes, you can if your income is low. but i have a car. own my own . can i qualify. >> yes, you might. >> you can >> okay. in other words, you can own a car, a house, i guess take european vacations, but by golly we want you to experience the life of julia and be able to get on food stamps as quickly as you can. congressman, i know people really need assistance and i get that if you have kids who are hungry and families with
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no income coming in. this seems ridiculous telling people to get on food stamps, it doesn't matter what year income, you've got a car, and a home that you own and sign up for government benefits. >> well, it's horrible and when you think about the origin at the point in time of 1964 food stamp act. we've gotten so far away from it. in 2002 we were spending about 20.6 billion dollar a year on food stamps. today in 2012, spending 75.8 billion dollars on stood camps and if you look at the fom girl decrated in the senate, 80% of that is good stamps. what we see now is a big business energy, you can use it at convenience stores, at gas station, i saw it yesterday at seven 11 and take the snap program for the cards. this comes back, enslavement of the american people not the empowerment of the the
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american people and you and i believe in a safety net, but we don't believe that safety net should become a hammock. we want people to achieve and take advantage of the opportunities the companies afford not retard their growth and beginning to make them subserviant. >> congressman, you know, your aone of my favorites and for the reasons you made clear because you speak your mind, your heart and i think you get back to the clear understanding of what the founders of america meant it to be. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> mike: thank you, congressman alan west. new unemployment numbers show we're at 8.2%. the president says we're headed in the right direction. oh, really? we'll debate that on the hot seat. be back with us in two minutes. ♪ ♪ you got no right
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>> the u.s. e >> friday's labor department shows that 80,000 jobs in the entire month of june and unemployment is now stuck at 8.2%, but taking a glass half full approach. >> we learned this morning that our business has created 84,000 new jobs last month and that overall means that businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months, and including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. that-- >> okay, so, are the latest numbers really a step in the right direction? i think it's time for the hot seat. my challengers today. editors of above the
5:21 pm
and liz chatterton, president of a democratic direct mail strategic consulting firm. great to have you here. and we're stuck at 8.2%, we were supposed to be at 5.6% according to the projections of the president and yet, he says we're stepping in the right direction. help me see it. >> i don't know if it's a step in the right-- >> certainly not a plunge off the cliff, right? look, at some point you have to say if your house is on fire and obama comes over with a hose and helps you put out the fire, are you happy he put out the fire or angry that he didn't mow your lawn, we're not getting better as quickly as we like, don't forget, he saved us from the cliff. he's got to be worth something, ohio-- >> and how is he saving us if more people are unemployed and we're stuck at the high unemployment number longest stretch for the great depression.
5:22 pm
he always likes to say since the great depression, there's one. liz, how is this such a big step in the right direction? i'm not seeing it. >> think about it this way, three years ago we would have killed 8.2, three years ago 8.2 looked great. did we perhaps set our expectations too high, getting back to five innly four years, a long way to go, think of it this way, we've got 8 million jobs in the great recession and restore 4.4 million. now, are we done? absolutely not. we have a long way to go and i think that's what the president is saying, he's saying, yes, this has been hard, this has been long, this has been tough, but we're moving in the right direction, if we stop now, we could go backwards and the last thing that anybody wants to do is go backwards. >> mike: it's like saying, i'm drowning, i'm 30 feet underwater and now i'm only 28 feet underwater and i'm doing great now. we're still drowning, folks, that's what i don't get. >> isn't this why you're better off than four years isn't working, four years ago
5:23 pm
was 2008. people weren't better off. about to lose their jobs pour lost their jobs in 2008. four years later, people are not worse off and they've staunched the bleeding and i think there's something nice about that and we should be be somewhat proud of things didn't get as bad as they could have been. >> mike: liz, the president says if he hadn't turned the economy around in three years, it would be a one term proposition, should we hold him to that. >> i don't want you to hold him to that. i can understand why people would. with all due respect to the president you probably shouldn't go out and make the bold statements unless you're pretty sure you can back them up. many people letter george h.w. bush, read my lips, no new taxes. >> mike: what happened to him. >> he lost. and i don't think that any americans thinks it's an easy sell for the president and he doesn't and that's why he's out there tap dancing like he belongs on broadway because he has to put a good spin on the numbers, he cannot go out there and say, oh, darn, we didn't hit it, we haven't made
5:24 pm
it, no, we're not getting there, never mind. he has to sell the optimistic side of it. is it a hard job, yeah, it's a hard cell. he's doing the best under difficult circumstances. >> mike: and i appreciate you both being here, and a pleasure to have you on the hot seat. your comments on the impact of the obama tax and later, we're going to have some fun. hank williams, jr. is here for the ride. stay with us, we'll be right back. [applaus [applause]. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, fox news confirming a senior u.s. official, all six n.a.t.o. service members killed in afghanistan were american. the attack happening in the eastern part of the country where a lot of our u.s. service members are based and came on a deadly day in that country. 29 people were killed in roadside bombings and insurgent attacks across the country. and the news coming in late today. oscar award winning actor ernest borgnine, and he won for "marte" and mchale's navy.
5:28 pm
he passed away in los angeles, he was 95. and now back to huckabee, on fox, the most name in news, fox. >> and if you'd like to comment on the show, e-mail us at huck mail. >> and obamacare actually affects every american in some way. now, last week we asked you to e-mail us and we wanted to how it's going to affect you. we were stunned, we received over a thousand responses and this is the stack of responses, now, clearly, we're not going to read all of these on the show tonight. aren't you glad? but we will take a look at some. and here is what we're going to do. we're going to forward every one of your comments to the white house. we think the president ought to know about people, well, people like steven, who wrote this: he says i'm a 33-year-old married man, our daughter is seven and i work for a large bank. last year we had a 9010 plan
5:29 pm
at the company and since obamacare, a high deductible plan. my daughter was screaming because her stomach hurt so bad i was contemplating taking her to the e.r. and $1500 deductible or waiting see if it's that serious, i should not have to make that choice. you're right, but that's the choice more and more americans have to make when the idea of government taking over health insurance, they'll decide when you can and you can't go. and it will be increasingly expensive. now, what makes better sense is a health savings account, steven, where you have an amount of money that's set aside and you make that decision, and draw from the money from the health savings account to use it for the trip to the e.r. or not to use it, at the end of the year if you haven't use that had money, you get to keep it or roll it over for future medical expenses. that makes more sense. the and we have this from pam, from dallas and she writes
5:30 pm
this, she says because obamacare will eliminate advan doctors in anticipation are no longer accepting them. and we've received two letters in recent weeks from our primary care physician and cardiologist, informing us they're no longer accepting any medicare advantage plan, meaning we can't keep our doctor if that's what we've chosen. obama lied to us. >> well, medicare is a program that has four parts, a, b, c and d. part c is advantage, takes over a and b or hospitalization and medical expenses where you decide if you want to pay in more in order to have a broader health care coverage plan. a lot of things that people have not understand. obamacare will virtually get rid of the part c or medicare advantages and if you're in the senior years and prepared by buying a medicare advantage program. it's not going to mean much. what does that ultimately have
5:31 pm
to do. more money out of your pocket or just not getting the medical care that you have been used to getting and it might be medical device,s it might be eyeglasses and dental care, it might be going to the doctor for checkups. a lot of ways in which seniors are going to find that obamacare did not really cover them. how else did you expect that obama could cut 500 billion dollars out of it and put more people on the program? something had to give. guess what it was? it was coverage for you. but we also heard from many small business owners dora from new york had this to say. obamacare is going to force us to close our doors after 49 years in business, we're not able to continue. sad for small businesses who are crucial for the economy and the doctor writes about his business, i've lost 2 million dollars in contracts bu to the destabilization brought on by obamacare, i'm
5:32 pm
going to layoff 93 staff, that's 93 added to the unemployment lines and clients are unsure of costs and doing it without consulting services. not all viewers believe the supreme court decision to uphold obamacare. >> when i think about it judge roberts energized the base and left it wide open to repeal the tax with a majority. and must be smiling while he goes on vacation. >> i don't think that judge roberts did it for a political tactic. why he did it, honestly, i have no idea. other than maybe's one of the justices that believes when you have two branches of government that pass something and the president signs it the court ought to figure a way to hold it than to get rid of it. that could be argued. i don't think that anybody predicted what the outcome was going be to be. is it a political advantage for the republicans going forward? you better believe it is. and because it's energized,
5:33 pm
truly energized a number of people in this country who were kind of lackidaisical about the elicection and maybe not that excited about the republican ticket and just saying i don't know if it will matter. now they know it really does matter, not only in the presidential race, but also in the house and senate races as well. and without 51 votes in the senate, there's no way to repeal obamacare. and if you want to repeal obamacare, you've got to repeal obama, who is a part of obamacare, otherwise it can't happen. a lot of you wrote to us about their family doctors, john babcock from the villages in florida wret this, he said my doctor told me i ought to start looking for a new physician because he's giving up private practice. marte mcfadden writes by family doctor of about ten years sent out retirement notice to all of his patients this week and from dustin holts when visiting our family doctor the past 12 years informed us as of august the 1st he's going to be getting
5:34 pm
out of family practice and going into specialized surgery. i've said for a long time when obamacare first passed, that within five years you'll see two levels of medical care in america, you'll have concierge medical care for wealthy people who can afford to pay a monthly retainer to the best doctors and see when they want them and virtually no waiting time and doctors aren't going to see people with insurance. you'll pay for it and run a cash operated business and only the people with the capacity to pay the doctor on the spot, will access the very best doctors. everybody else will be lined up in long lines to see the doctors who are left. and believe me, it's going to be a long wait. now, one thing i think i was maybe off about, i said it would take five years, when i hear stories like we've heard in our e-mails, it may be more like two or three years, when this is a reality.
5:35 pm
and doctor after doctor i've talked to tell me the same thing, they can't afford to stay in business when they're reimbursed by the government at a rate that's less than what it costs them to actually perform the service. if you're selling soap, you can't sell a dollar box of soap for 50 cents day in and day out and somehow not go out of business. and president obama doesn't seem to understand that. and hunter had some second thoughts after seeing cost increases to his health care plan. he said this, i was actually for obamacare when he it was going to save me and my clients money. my insurance agency informed me instead of $500 a month i'm going to be paying $900 a month for the first year after passage and today it's over $1,000 per month. at 6,000 per year at 6% of our total family income and it's double. now over 12% of our income goes to health care premiums.
5:36 pm
here is the untold fact about health care premiums, your insurance company works off the actuarial tables of the risk factor and they have to assume how much risk is involved because if they pay out more than they take in, they go out of business and nobody has insurance. and ultimately, what obamacare leads to is there's only one payer who can keep paying out money without record to whether it's a business plan who works. who is that all, good old uncle sugar. if you don't think we'll head to a single pair system with the government the single pair, you don't understand the real basis behind obamacare and i believe is the question all along. and joanne's question, can the citizen we call the united states of america, file a class action lawsuit for the misappropriation of money. >> you can file a lawsuit for anything, but quite frankly, i wouldn't waste the time and money on an attorney for that one, because it wouldn't go
5:37 pm
anywhere, if we could file suit on misappropriation of money that the government has spent foolishly, somebody would have bankrupted this country on lawyers for that. there's plenty of misappropriation. he says who read my lips and no new tax sns was he reelected. no, i don't believe he was. that's in essence what we need to remember. president obama made big promises, said your taxes won't go up one single time if you make under $200,000 a year, and under obamacare, 75% of the taxes hit people that make under $120,000. you can keep your doctor, but you probably can't. said you can keep your insurance. probably won't because you probably can't afford it. i hope you'll keep the comments coming to us, by the way, make sure that you let the white house know how to feel. and go to and send your thoughts. we are going to send the forms and letters to the white
5:38 pm
house, almost just about, get a herona lifting them. so, i hope that they're prepared for all of these when they get there. and african-americans overwhelmingly voted for barack obama in 2008. remember, he promised hope and change, but the unemployment rates for blacks have gone up since the president took office. coming up i'm going to ask a prominent pastor, tony evans, if that's the hope that african-americans voted for. stay with us. (applause). the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at i have to know the weather patterns.
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>> should christians head to >> with christians headed to the voter booth. it ought to be a priority, social issues for economic issues. and in his back, tony evans says they go hand in hand. and he joins us now, i'm delighted to have you here. [applause] >> pastor, i want to begin, i think i may get some blowback on the monologue i started out with, saying, i don't think that dr. martin luther king expected a highly appointed and elected african-americans to be able to use race for not fulfilling a subpoena to congress. i want to get your reaction to that because if i'm wrong, i want someone to confront me and tell me that's not right. how do you feel about that.
5:42 pm
>> race is a reality, but ought never to be an excuse. when two football teams line up and they're resisted, the greatness of the offense is whether you can overcome what the defense is coming to you, racism, whatever, it's real, we should acknowledge it and we should overcome it. there's been a lot of overcoming over the years and we should not use it as an exhaust, but not ignore its reality either. >> do you think the eric holder vote in all honest city was about race or about getting that, those files and the documents that related to fast and furious? >> well, congress has a right to ask questions and congress therefore has the right to receive answers. >> so i don't automatically when somebody raises the white flag unless they demonstrate it to be true. often times what you're doing is juggling motive and you've got to judge actions and reality and unless you can demonstrate that it's racially motivated then you have to deal with the reality on the
5:43 pm
table, no, i don't automatically react that way. >> you pastor one of the largest prominent african-american churches in the country and four years ago, president obama, then candidate, says he started marriage. and it's more in the african-american community than the white community. how disappointed are you personally and the african-american community are with the position where he now endorses same sex marriage. >> that's a major issue, because the saga of a family and whoever owns the family owns the future. since family is a creation issue, god created family for civilization not just christians. and to define is is to define intentions as well as history of civilization and where the family have been devastated and children are growing up
5:44 pm
with single parents and a crisis of community due to the breakdown of the family and it's now in all races. it's critical that we try to encourage the president to reverse his position on this because the african-american church holds strongly to a public cal definition of family. >> you've written both in your book, as well as in another book you've done, how christians should vote. people ought to look for the character of the candidate more than anything else. do you think that people will automatically vote for president obama because he's african-american if they themselves come from that community or will they take a second look this time and vote more of what their convictions are are. >> the reason i wrote the book is to bring people to dthe bible is full of politics, the idea is you vote for the party or candidates that best reflects the kingdom of god.
5:45 pm
get a piece of paper, what the issues say, the republicans say, what god says and you organize it into priority and then you know how to vote, but you don't vote purely on race, don't vote purely on culture, you want to move the culture as close to god as you can get it you find the best policy, platform and policy that does that. >> the unemployment rate for african-americans was at 12 pine 1% four years ago and it's now 14.4%. under this president, african-americans have not done as well as-- even as they were doing four years ago. is that an issue that mitt romney and the republicans can and should use in trying to say, maybe you ought to give someone else a chance? >> well, certainly, economics is the issue today. and it is one of many issues, but it's a major issue and the state of black america is something we ought to be concerned about. that means we need to look at
5:46 pm
what the economic plans are for both parties and how well they align. when god created adam he gave him great free, limited regulation, only one tree he couldn't eat and then gave him great limitation on judgment if he didn't obey one regulation. so, the bible teaches limited gft so self-government is an opportunity. and what family and service and civil government do, to maximize their potential and whenever you take away from them. you remove their dignity and-- >> very well said. always nice to talk to you, bb a friend a long time. good news for our audience, all of them are going to receive a copy of pastor evans book, "the kingdom man", you'll love the book, it's fantastic. >> and i hope the audience will order their copy at
5:47 pm and the really good books are sold. dr. evans book. good of you to be here. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: well, it's about to get rowdy in here, hank williams, jr. and his band are next. stay with us. aspirin, really? i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. aspirin is just old school. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. what's different? it has micro-particles. enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of pain. visit today for a special trial offer.
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♪ >> well, he just happens to be one of the most recognizable stars in all of country music, got a new album called "old school new rules" would you welcome hank williams, jr.? (applause) great having you here. by the way, i've listened now and got all of these songs loaded and i think it's the best you've ever done. this is a fantastic collection of-- i don't know whether to call it southern rock. >> no. >> or what do you call it?
5:51 pm
>> i was wondering after we met yesterday, i really hope he takes this and listens to it. >> i've listened to every bit of it. >> and you can't tell someone until you listen to it. this is a big story, i had an american signature, let's face it, and like i said in the beginning, i feel sorry for the monday night football fans that don't get to see their opening over something as ridiculous as that was? >> because you said-- >> so, now it's my turn. >> mike: that's what i love about the music on this album. and it's straight talk to the the heart of america and if anybody loves america, who is a patriot and loves what i call the good things of life. they're going to love this. >> and the good things about our country and not the bad things, but there's funny things there as well, too. >> there are some songs we didn't play on television today. but they're worth listening
5:52 pm
to. >> i know, i know. >> the influence of your dad is all the there with you. >> oh, yeah. >> mike: yet, you've made your own mark in music in a different way. how much though do you still think about his influence on music, not just country, but all forms of music? >> you've got to realize that man was 29 years old when he passes away. i'm three years old. and he probably, i've had many conversations with many people from all-- i don't mean just nashville, i mean huge stars. he probably was the first american superstar rock star, was this guy, hank williams, out there before elvis. >> mike: yeah. >> with the knees going around, around. ♪ hey, good looking, hey, he's a 25-year-old pop star and that's the way you have to think about it. he was here for such a short time and you can't lift the people that have done his
5:53 pm
songs and like last year, someone else does this, there they are again. >> mike: they're classic and timeless. >> yeah, he, boy, he's an american icon if anyone was. >> mike: so are you, so are you. >> got to go. >> mike: this is a great album and i hope everybody gets it at amazon, itunes, download it, you're going to love it and we're going to play one of the cuts from it. ♪ ♪ a different thought at work, that might do we well ♪ ♪ i'm kind of mad at someone, who thinks that they can tell me what to say and do ♪ ♪ hey, everybody's got a point
5:54 pm
of view ♪ ♪ well, i used to like to go fishing watch that hook and line ♪ ♪ but i've sold my boat and motor and everybody wonders why ♪ ♪ that ain't good, no, that's not good ♪ ♪ wife went to a lawyer, i never dreamed he would ♪ ♪ now, my address is rock bottom and they all know me in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ and that ain't good
5:55 pm
♪ no, that ain't good. i need to get out of here ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ watching these nuts on tv, blowing themselves to hell ♪ ♪ so they can all get to heaven and my kids won't tell ♪ ♪ tell them why
5:56 pm
♪ did all those people have to die ♪ ♪ no, no, that ain't good, 'cause i don't know why ♪ ♪ went to church sunday morning ♪ ♪ i never thought i could ♪ i prayed to the man to help me get back to being myself like i should ♪ ♪ and it done me good ♪ yeah, it done me good ♪ you've got to look for the good ♪ ♪ something good ♪ something good ♪
5:57 pm
(applause) >> and you're going to want the cd. i promise you you do. thanks so much to hank williams, jr. for being here and thank you for joining us for another edition of our show. until next week from new york, until next week from new york, good night and god bless. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete.
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